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As an Independent politician, James competes with the large political parties, who have access not only to individual donations but also to vast amounts of taxpayer money. In order to fund campagins, leaflets, administration and other day to day political activities, as well as compete in elections, Independent candidates rely on the support and goodwill of those who want to see a new way of doing our political business in this country. You can support James by making a donation to his political activities using the link above. All donations will be used solely for political purposes and are subject to annual account.
Please note that:-
1. A member of a local authority cannot accept a donation with a value exceeding €1,000 from the same donor in the same calendar year. 
2. If a person makes more than one donation to the same member in the same year, the value of the donations must be aggregated and treated as a single donation.
3. A member of a local authority cannot accept a donation of any value from an individual (other than an Irish citizen) who resides outside the island of Ireland.
4. A member of a local authority cannot accept an anonymous donation exceeding €100 in value.  A donation is anonymous if the name and address of the donor is not known to the member concerned.
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